Take Your Walk with God to the Next Level

Get the training you need and watch God take you from
where you are to where He's designed you to be.






Life Is Too Short
To Let It Pass You By

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re at with God. He has a blueprint from Heaven with your name on it. But it’s up to you to live it out. Let us help you discover and live out the supernatural calling God has placed on your life!

Live Out Your Calling
Empowered by God's Spirit and God's Word

Grow Spiritually

Live your life with a greater closeness to God and grow in your intimacy with Him. We’ll help you achieve that through teaching, discipleship, hands-on ministry training, accountability, and community. 

Find Your Purpose

Discover Heaven’s blue-print for you through our Design Class, get activated in your spiritual gifts through our Empowered Ministry Courses and get one-on-one personalized coaching so you can narrow the focus of your Calling. 

Make a Difference

You will experience a broad range of hands-on ministry opportunities. Then you’ll receive a personalized ministry path that is tailored to your passions, gifts and calling so you can make the maximum impact on the world around you!

Your Next Steps


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Once your application form is submitted, you’ll get an email with your next steps to submit a quick background check, a reference form and pay your $50 admissions fee.


Get Equipped

Register for classes and pay your tuition fees. Pay up front, or pay as you go. Then you can begin living out who God has designed you to be and do what He’s called you to do.

"If you are waiting to take a step of faith and deepen your relationship with God, this is the school to help you do exactly that. Trust God and enroll. There are flexible dates and times for classes."

- Lynna, RSOM Student

"Like you, we too want more out of life. And we agree, it's not okay to live a life without a sense of purpose. The Rock School of Ministry’s next level training will equip you to know your purpose and empower you to live it out."​

Why Invest Your Time and Money
at Rock School of Ministry?


Rock School of Ministry has been equipping Christians for the past 10 years.


Join 600+ others who have completed our program.


Our team has over 20 decades of combined ministry experience.

LIVE THE Empowered Supernatural Fulfilled Equipped LIFE GOD INTENDED

Hear From Pastor Miles
Many Christians don’t have a clear path to grow spiritually and end up missing out.
The Rock School of Ministry provides next level training that fits into anyone’s schedule. So you can know your purpose and live the supernatural life God intended.
There are many opportunities for spiritual growth, but without a pathway that includes a plan, it’s usually not very effective. RSOM provides a clear pathway for you through our curriculum that is all laid out for you.

The curriculum is designed to provide maximum growth through Biblical courses, Hands-on Ministry, Retreats, Saturday Seminars and Electives, all while being in community with other like-minded believers. Keep in mind, all of these equipping components can be done at your own pace so you choose how quickly or choose how long it takes to complete your training.

We’ve found that people from all age groups and many different career paths have benefited greatly from the school. We have alumni anywhere from 18 yrs old all the way up to 70 and older. We have alumni who are active in vocational ministry, others who are in business, or entrepreneurs and still others who start their own 501c3 or work a full-time job. There is no generalized vocational outcome for our alumni, because it depends on God’s calling on your life!

Our hope is that by the end of the program, you will have a closer relationship with God, have a much clearer understanding of your purpose and feel empowered by God’s Word and Spirit to live it out.

Here's What You Get

In order to successfully complete Rock School of Ministry’s theological studies and practical ministry training, students will complete 50 credits of coursework, as shown below:

  •  72 Ministry Hours 
  • 12 Biblical Courses
  • 6 Elective Courses
  • 3 Saturday Seminars
  • 1 Retreat

Ministry Practicum

72 Total Ministry Hours
  • 8 Ministry Hrs = 1 Credit
    9 Credits Total
  • Flexible Ministry Days and Times
  • Get Real Ministry Opportunities
  • Personalized Outreach Practicum


12 Core Biblical Courses
  • 1 Biblical Course = 2 Credits
    24 Credits Total
  • Monday - Thursday Courses
  • Morning and Evening Options
  • Some Online Courses Available

Retreats, Seminars &
Elective Courses

1 Retreat - 3 Seminars - 6 Electives
  • Credits Vary
    17 Credits Total
  • Choose One 4-Day Retreat
  • Select Three Saturday Seminars
  • Choose 6 Elective Courses

Tuition & Payment Options

Option 1: Pay up-front - $2,800

Get $400 off by paying your entire tuition up front. Your total cost, after the savings, will be $2,800.
This is a great option if you want to get the up-front savings.

Option 2: Pay as-you-go - $150 per Course

This option gives you the flexibility to pay “as-you-go” through the program.
Courses are all $150 per each 8-week course, Seminars are $50 and Retreats $300.
This is a great option if you’re wanting financial flexibility.​

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Stop spinning your wheels and live with purpose