Robert’s Story – It’s All God

What does it mean to let go of everything that you’ve been working for, and to follow God? Read this inspiring story about God calling Robert to do just that, and to step into the unknown.

5 Ways to Love Anyone

Loving people is one of the hardest things that we do. However, it’s one of the most important. These 5 ways will help you grow in loving others.

A Cool Summer Night

It was a cool, summer night. All along, you knew this would happen. All along you knew what would become…a poem by Joanna McMillan

Adjusting During Major Life Changes

The world is starting to open back up, however things have drastically changed for many of us. Discover how to adjust in the midst of uncertainty.

Calling & Gifting

All the partying had led him down a path to becoming someone he did not recognize. David asked himself, “Who am I?” as he looked into the mirror…