Build Your Life On the Word and Spirit of God

Receive Biblical Teaching and Genuine Encounters
that gives you life transformation.

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Your Mind


Don’t Settle for Knowing
the Bible... Live it Out!

Sometimes reading the Bible can leave you feeling confused or unsure of how to apply it to your life. Don’t remain stuck. God wants to illuminate His Word to activate, empower and transform your life!

Gain Fresh Revelation to Live Victoriously Every Day

Get Fresh Revelation

During RSOM’s 12 Different Biblical Courses, you will receive over 180 hours of paradigm-shifting truth from God’s Word. These will be taught by Rock Pastors, ministry leaders and special guests so that you can receive truth and then live it out!

Get Activated for Ministry

Our Courses are not just designed to fill your head with knowledge, but to get you equipped for ministering to others the way Jesus did. Get in-class activations to receive and grow in your spiritual gifts so that you can become empowered to impact others!

Live a Transformed Life

When we spend time in God’s Word, His truth should be changing us more than educating us. One of the outcomes of our courses is for you to live a life constantly transformed by God’s Word and Spirit. This means preparing your heart to receive so that you can truly grow!

You're not alone. When the pressures of life feel overwhelming, we too want to stand on the solid foundation of God's Word. Let us help you accomplish this. Don’t get swallowed up by the turmoil of life; instead, rise above the waves.

Core Biblical Courses:

RSOM’s Core Biblical Courses are designed to reinforce these three concepts in your life: identity formation, biblical discipleship and empowered ministry life. Classes are offered at our campus in person, Monday-Thursday, with AM and PM options. Some classes are held online.


4 Courses Total
  • 8 Credits total
    Study through the Following Courses:
  • Book of Ephesians
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Biblical Relationships
  • Discover Your Design


4 Courses Total
  • 8 Credits total
    Study through the Following Courses:
  • Principles of Discipleship P. 1
  • Principles of Discipleship P. 2
  • How To Study The Bible
  • Themes in Theology

Ministry Life

4 Courses Total
  • 8 Credits total
    Study through the Following Courses:
  • Power Evangelism
  • Principles of Prayer
  • Finding Freedom
  • Leadership in Ministry

""This course was a blessing; it has changed my spiritual life. My learning is finally starting to make sense in a way I can apply it to my life.""

- Lynna, RSOM Student

What Makes Our Courses Unique
and How Will They Help You Grow?


We keep a low student-to-teacher ratio in our classrooms so that you can have greater personal access to leaders.


There are more than 20 different Pastors and Teachers who are committed to personally investing in your growth.


The Courses are not only designed to give you knowledge, but are aimed at life transformation through application.

Identity Formation Courses

Understanding who you truly are in Christ will give you genuine confidence, bring extraordinary breakthroughs, and a life that is daily filled with joy, clarity, and purpose. This requires a tearing down of strongholds of the mind, inner healing, and breaking off misconceptions that cause people to live according to a false identity. Only after this process is complete can we then build a solid, Christ-centered identity.

Biblical Discipleship Courses

With discipleship at the core of our mission, being mandated by Jesus Himself, we emphasize creating disciples capable of reproducing themselves. It is about cultivating a lifestyle of discipleship. It is essential that a disciple develops the ability to handle God’s word of truth correctly and accurately. Therefore we equip our students in the major theological themes of the Bible, and how to effectively study scriptures, in order for them to grow in understanding and knowing God and have the ability to teach others.

Empowered Ministry Courses

It is our belief that genuine and effective ministry flows from a true dependency on the power of God. When Jesus trained his disciples for ministry, his pragmatic approach was to expect the supernatural. He is the one who sent the Holy Spirit to us, empowering us with supernatural abilities and spiritual gifts, to be his witnesses. There was no separation between his preaching of the Word and supernatural demonstrations of the power of God. Therefore, we teach our students how to practically embrace the Holy Spirit’s empowerment in fulfilling their calling.

Break Free From Shame, Guilt and Condemnation through the Gospel of Grace

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