Rock School of Ministry Curriculum

All of our classes here at the school fit into one of three categories that are specifically designed to form a secure foundation for every student.  

The three pillars of our curriculum are:

Identity Formation

Biblical Discipleship

Empowered Ministry Life

Identity Formation

The formation of true Christian identity in a believer’s life is both foundational and paramount in living the abundant life Jesus came to give us. Yet, living from your true God-given identity remains elusive for many. This keeps them from reaching their full potential, understanding God’s specific call on their lives, and thriving in their relationship with Jesus. 

Understanding who you truly are in Christ will give you genuine confidence, bring extraordinary breakthroughs, and a life that is daily filled with joy, clarity, and purpose. This requires a tearing down of strongholds of the mind, inner healing, and breaking off misconceptions that cause people to live according to a false identity. Only after this process is complete can we then build a solid, Christ-centered identity in our lives.

Biblical Discipleship

With discipleship at the core of our mission, being mandated by Jesus Himself, we emphasize creating disciples capable of reproducing themselves. It is about cultivating a lifestyle of discipleship. It is essential that a disciple develops the ability to handle God’s word of truth correctly and accurately. Therefore we equip our students in the major theological themes of the Bible, and how to effectively study scriptures, in order for them to grow in understanding and knowing God and have the ability to teach others.

Empowered Ministry Life

It is our belief that genuine and effective ministry flows from a true dependency on the power of God. When Jesus trained His disciples for ministry, His pragmatic approach was to expect the supernatural. He is the one who sent the Holy Spirit to us, empowering us with spiritual gifts, to be His witnesses. There was no separation between His preaching of the Word and supernatural demonstrations of the power of God. Therefore, we teach our students how to practically embrace the power of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling their calling.

What do I get out of coming to RSOM?

The curriculum is designed to produce authentic world changers who are empowered by God’s Spirit and Word.  

The following are the key outcomes that we desire for each alumni to express as a lifestyle after attending the 
Rock School of Ministry

The true measure of a successful discipleship experience is a life that is truly changed.

Bringing people to a place where they are very familiar with the Word of God, having developed good bible study methods and practices.

By providing an environment focused on individual and corporate connection with God students will grow in their intimacy with the Lord as they have real personal experiences of His presence.

Students will know the special abilities God has given them to use in the ministry and develop the practical skills and understanding for using them daily in their various ministries.

Students will gain the experience necessary to become active in the ministry in such a way that they will start producing fruit in a variety of ministry contexts, expanding the ministry efforts of their local churches.

They will come away with clarity about what it is that God is calling them to do with their lives beyond something vague or generic into something real specific and tangible.

They will become part of a community of like-minded people committed to doing life together and accomplishing specific Missional objectives.

They will understand that discipleship is about passing on all that you have learned to others that their lives would transform, and they will become active in discipling people as part of their ministries.

Program Structure

RSOM offers both day and night classes. You can sign up for the entire program which includes all of the classes, retreats and outreach practicum. Or you may sign up for classes individually.

Currently, enrollment is open for the Fall Classes, beginning in August 2020.

Class Times will be Offered: 

Monday and Wednesday Mornings – 9:00am – 10:15am & 10:30am – 11:45am 

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings – 6:30pm – 7:45pm & 8:00pm – 9:15pm

Entire Curriculum Cost: $3,150 which includes 16 courses, 3 Saturday Seminars, 1 Retreat and Outreach Ministry Practicum.

Cost per Course: $150/8-week course

Click below for a brief description of each class

This course is dedicated to connecting students to the Heart of God. Through teaching, activations, and encounters students will understand the importance of hearing God speak, know that He does speak, and gain new levels of confidence in hearing God’s voice for themselves. They will then learn the purpose and practice of the prophetic; how to hear God’s voice for others.

Jesus has set us free and desires us to walk in freedom. You cannot fulfill your calling until you have been set free from strongholds and cultivate a lifestyle of walking in freedom and continually pursuing greater freedom for self and others. This course is also designed to equip you in ministering freedom and healing to others.

From the very beginning, mankind was created for this kind of encounter: face-to-face with Father God. Every fiber of our being aches for this. Humanity has been wired for divine encounters with a Heavenly Family, Godhead: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is nothing on this earth that could satisfy this longing for the Father’s love and embrace.

Leadership in Ministry is a course that studies the principles and practices of servanthood and what place service has in the context of leadership.

The Gospel of Mark is a course that takes an in-depth look into how Jesus took twelve fishermen and taught them how to live as he lived. You will study Jesus’ method of discipleship and develop your own plan for equipping others to follow Him.

This Spiritual Disciplines course will equip you to engage God through deeper intimacy and grow in Godliness by exploring specific spiritual disciplines modeled in Scripture, focusing on purpose and application.

Themes in Theology is a study of the major theological themes and doctrines found throughout the Bible. This course is designed to explore the major topics presented in the scriptures.

It is an introduction to help you understand the core elements of these thematic focal points in order to establish a solid theological foundation.

The Relationships course will give you a better understanding and revelation of the heart of God towards relationships.

You will be challenged to take a new perspective and approach towards the people who God has placed around you and within your lives so that you can have healthy, biblical relationships in your life.

This course is designed to establish a lifestyle of confident biblical learning in students. Through an in depth approach using the inductive bible study method students will be equipped in both principle and practice to study the Bible effectively.

Through an in-depth exegetical study of Ephesians, this course will look at the Biblical principles and practices for identity formation with an emphasis on exchanging your current identity for an ever-increasing identity in Christ.

Over the course of the week, by way of class instruction and interactive workshops, students will learn about and develop the practical skills and tools to serve in a ministry role specific to their unique strengths and talents. Over the course of the term, students will have the opportunity to revisit and refine their future role in ministry through individual “coaching” sessions with members of RSOM’s Vision & Calling department.

The Power Evangelism course will equip you to share the love of God with others supernaturally empowered by God’s Spirit. You will be challenged and encouraged to daily walk in the power of the Holy Spirit through an abiding relationship with God our Father.