Elizabeth’s Story – God’s Promise

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it, whenever you turn to the right hand or when you turn to the left.’ ” Isaiah 30: 21

Who are you?

“I am Bible fed
And Spirit led 
With Jesus by my side and my cross upon my back 
 I can be nothing but victorious; I will seek to do
His will 
All of 
My days 
I pray 
O’ Lord 
Teach me 
In all of 
Your ways” 

I wrote these words some years ago
But my life hadn’t always been so
Walking in a godliness only of form
Unknowing…and in darkness…I formerly roamed
Blind to the day not yet attained
Unaware of my need
To be
Born Again

When did your life begin to change?

How strange it now seems to contemplate
How my transformation began
With a casual twist of the hand
A message heard by chance   
Spoken by a pastor, Miles McPherson, his name
Broadcast on a radio band
A light pierced through the dark
And entered my heart
While my child was in class…learning to dance

My life before then was severed
And by the “experts” having been told
“Your mind is out of order…Bipolar”
I was desolate, deprived of all hope
But then that day, on the radio, I learned
That is not my inherent worth
And a hunger and a fire within me arose
To truly know
God and His Word

And how did you come to know God and His Word?

The messages, the messages drew me in
I continued to listen week after week
Thirsting…partaking of new wine…pouring within
 Shedding what I once believed the truth to be
Hearing the Voice of the Savior
I was led by His hand
And in the favor I was shown
Surrounded by His Song of Deliverance
We created a dance
Just for me alone 

Yet by no means swift was my transition
Caught between the old and the new
Embroiled in family opposition
To all that I now knew was true
That the pursuit of position
And wealth acquisition 
A life lived for things that are seen
What I then thought was good 
And fulfillment to bring
In the Light of His Word
Seemed unclean

So, what did you do then?

I stepped into a new realm
A world previously unknown
In a visit to Rock Church
I heard the Lord’s call…saying…”Come”
The first time I entered the Sanctuary
In the midst of a worship song 
I encountered God’s Presence
And a peace so profound
It felt to me just like coming home

But it’s the nature of life
 That we experience gain 
 And also experience pain
Sweet and bitter intermingle
Whatever we seek
Joy and sorrow in their season
We all must reap
Knowing both good…and evil   

And so, opposition in my family grew
And shackles enshrouded my soul
In destruction it raged…my new faith it pursued
Rejection and depression taking hold
And having lost all hope in the conflict and strife
I cried out to the LORD 
“My God…tell me why
I shouldn’t end my life!”

And He did

But He didn’t tell me life was unfair
Or I was unjustly accused
He instead had me look in His Holy Book
And as I read, He showed me
The Truth
That the shackles were a web I’d created myself
Iniquities in which I’d assented
Sins hidden inside…bound by my pride
Sins I had not repented  

Yet then this God of unfailing Love
No condemnation did He impute 
Instead forgiveness was granted
As I surrendered my life to Him…in repentance
Mercy and Grace He proclaimed…not my due
So I stepped into His kingdom
My heart now delivered
From all condemnation and shame
Set free and transformed
My old life forsworn
A new creation in Christ
I was now
Born Again
And then…entered…“Impact 195” 

What was “Impact 195?”

“Impact” was a course of study that began
 At Rock Church in the year 2010
Its instructional plan in substance and spirit 
 “Discover what God has purposed for you
And become equipped to do it” 
“Impact” opened my eyes, expanding my view
Of my identity and purpose in Christ
Not the path I thought to choose
But the foundation of what was true
The answer to every trial I’d been through

So the LORD gave me a commission
And I accepted His call
To reach out to those
Who like me have been told
“Your mind is out of order”
And also…perhaps…“bipolar”
So I minister in love to those who are broken
In mental or spiritual peril
With the Savior’s message…the “good news” of the Bible
The promise of life…in the words He has spoken 

“For I know the plans that I have for you…plans for good
and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29: 11

 -J. Lee
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