Eric’s Story – Revelation Song

But the Helper, The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things….
(John 14:26)


I thought I was already a “Christian,” before I learned to listen

To the voice of the Holy Spirit to determine my goal and my mission

For I didn’t know that the plan for my life

Before I was born, had already been written


Pursued…death’s final verdict awaiting

In the balance…my destiny…fate’s eternal equating

Heaven or Perdition

The decree soon to be revealed…my petition

A life I thought was good…the life I’d lived thus far

Yet how much “good” is needed, before we are

Accounted “safe,” by God


Then Holy Spirit had this to say:

“Wake up! Redeem the time while it’s still day

Having eyes…Do you not see what is drawing nigh?

Having ears…Do you not hear Revelation’s awakening cry

Of abundant life…Yet still denied?”

Thus began the pursuit of my eternal destiny in Christ


I was baptized and confirmed at the age of twelve

Yet on what that truly meant, my thoughts but rarely dwelled 

We didn’t talk a lot about God at home 

And by me, here’s what was chiefly known: 

The Creation story, Adam and Eve 

The fall of man into sin

Being faithful to The Ten Commandments

The Biblical heroes, both women and men

Being helpful to others, doing all with good intent

  Military “brat” was what growing up meant





Boy scouts, clubs and groups for Christian youth

Always on the move, my friendships were few

As a man I adhered to all I was taught 

Did the things I should do, as a “Christian,” ought 

Had a lot of success in the way that I chose

 Everything that my future betokened

But adversity came, and all I’d attained

 Was ruthlessly, shattered and broken

My losses were many, pressures unrelenting, my family torn apart

My infant child, taken by death 

Crushing my health 

Breaking my heart

And so, my life laid bare, I stood at the crossroad of decision


Looking back on the life I had thus far lived

 My mistakes, I determined to mend

I’d devote myself to improving the world

 Use my abilities for the benefit of man

But as often happens when we plan our lives

 According to our own precepts

Our attempts to serve a greater need

 In reality is service of self

So I went back to school with a higher ideal

Turned to science to achieve my plan

Accomplishing my goal with the greatest of zeal

 I’d be able to begin life again

But then, calamity struck unbidden

An infirmity previously unknown 

A friend and colleague suddenly stricken

And in the space of one month

 He was gone

Irreversible fact, his life now rescinded, his sojourn on earth

Irrevocably ended

And I…I was lost in disillusion, my mind…overcome by confusion

Never before had I considered or fathomed

That I had no guarantee or assurance of Heaven

So I finally decided the Bible to read

And encountered a Hope, so profound

It grabbed hold of my soul…a message so bold

It turned my whole life around

And so, with eyes and ears now opened wide, I stepped into the arms of God 


Consciousness now awakened, I sought fulfillment of my need

Sunday after Sunday, undaunted, did proceed

Engaging in a disheartening, unsuccessful search

Until utterly exhausted, I finally found the “perfect” church

True to my bent…I was all in

Stormed the gates of heaven, determined to win

Whatever was lacking, I was there, the gap to fill 

Impassioned motivation, my goal…to do God’s will

Ministries and home groups, I stepped in to close the breach

Seeking God’s approval…resolving Him to please


I believed at the time I was on the right track 

Yet, something was missing, something I lacked

Then, the year 2010 arrived, and as if the LORD had sent a guide

Rock Church commenced a new program called, “Impact195” 

 The coming “impact” on my life, then unknown 

I was bereft of any insight

That it was the very instrument God would use 

To reveal, to me, His Power and Light

 Thinking I was not deficient in knowing Scripture

 I’d read the Bible, cover to cover, three times

But encouraged by a persistent and persuasive friend

 Eventually changed my mind 

“If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him…” (Revelation 3: 20b)


Impact’s instruction changed my heart

From looking through the lens of pride

To the vision of one who is set apart 

And in whose Name I’m identified  

  Receiving His fullness, and grace upon grace

And in the beauty of His Face

I found the pearl valued above all price

And with eyes gazing upon His sacrifice

I truly became a Christian…a disciple of Jesus…the Christ

And I knew what my life was now meant to be

With purpose like no other…to follow the footsteps

 Of my Savior and Lord

As “keeper” of my brother 

“Impact” didn’t end when the classes were over

Though life seems like a rollercoaster 

Sometimes times up and many times down

Instruction and peace…always there to be found

Whenever I look to the promise of His Word

A Revelation of life in the Son

May His Kingdom come; may His will be done

As in Heaven; may it be on the earth

Yes, the vision I gained and bonds that were framed 

Have endured and my new life sustained

A “Trusting Disciple”… “safe,” in Jesus Christ

For His glory, forever ordained

“…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…but as for me

 and my house, we will serve the LORD.” (Joshua 24: 15) 

-J. Lee

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