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 The Restore course will give you a better understanding and revelation of the heart of God towards relationships. You will be challenged to take a new perspective and approach towards the people who God has placed around you and within your lives. Course Learning Goals 

  • You will understand God’s heart for reconciling broken relationships. 
  • You will understand practical methods of how to heal and restore relationships that are broken or ‘at odds.’ 
  • You will have opportunities to apply these principles in your own lives and address your personal relationships. 


Themes in Theology is a study of the major theological themes and doctrines found throughout the Bible. This course is designed to explore the major topics presented in the scriptures. It is an introduction to help you understand the core elements of these thematic focal points in order to establish a solid theological foundation. Course Learning Goals 

  • You will learn about the nature of man, and the nature of sin, along with God’s purpose in creating humanity. 
  • You will learn about the Jesus and the Holy Spirit, their nature, person, and work. 
  • You will understand the nature of the church and get an introduction to the study of end times. 
  • You will adopt new attitudes and perspectives about God and yourself in light of God’s self-revelation.