God is Gracious

 It’s a hard road to tell 
my story 
A tolling bell of incandescent love 
and glory 
Once heard…Once seen 
Changing the face 
of everything 

Retirement then the beacon 
‘Old age’ then the reason 
Loosening the abiding affinity 
of mother 
Treading the pathway 
to another 

It’s a long road to tell
my story
of new beginnings
Sufficient enough this one truth
of never ending
that April fool’s day

Washed upon the shores
of the Rock
Taking stock
of life set free
then heard God say
There’s so much more
to what can be…

And so, I enrolled in the Rock School of Ministry at the age of 74
Leading to the revelation of my identity in Christ
Entering into His plan to fulfill the purpose of my life
A youth fled dream until now unforeseen had always been to write
Hearkening back to His first promise spoken to me years before

“All the years that the locusts have eaten
to you…I will restore.” 

 -J. Lee

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Rock School of Ministry

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re at with God. He has a blueprint from Heaven with your name on it. But it’s up to you to live it out. Let us help you discover and live out the supernatural calling God has placed on your life!
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