Make Time to Get Away
So You Can Be Refreshed and Refilled

Get Accelerated Spiritual Growth through Saturday Seminars,
4-Day Retreats and our dynamic Elective Courses.

God's Love



God's Love


Don’t Let Your Schedule
Keep You From Encountering God

Are you finding the daily demands of life a bit overwhelming, at times leaving you feeling empty spiritually? Taking a few days off from your fast-paced life may be just what you need. Our monthly seminars and periodic retreats allow you to escape, get spiritual breakthrough and celebrate those experiences with others so that you can be revitalized for the path ahead.

Find Fulfillment in God's Presence
Through These In-Depth Experiences

Get Away With God

Carve out time to get away from life’s daily distractions and grow your relationship with God. Position yourself to receive new experiences with the Lord far from the interruptions of your daily commitments.

Form Community

Feel the spirit of community with other like-minded believers on one of our three yearly retreats. Having others to share and celebrate your spiritual growth creates memorable moments and new friendships to help propel you forward.

Get Spiritually Filled Up

With no distractions from your everyday life, find out how beneficial it is to give your undivided attention to God. Sit at His feet where you can hear from Him, learn Biblical truths and become fulfilled through experiencing His presence.

Like you, we too long to devote more attention to God. Many believers would like nothing more. Taking a Saturday or a few days off from your daily routine to give more attention to God will reap eternal rewards and help give you the accelerated growth you're looking for.

"I witnessed miracles of forgiveness and healing. I was humbled and yet lifted. I laughed, I cried and I grew. As I reflect on my spiritual journey, I am reminded of the RSOM retreats that drew me closer in relationship not only with our Lord but also in the community of other believers, my brothers and sisters."

- Jere, RSOM Alumni

Retreats, Seminars and Electives:

Some of the most impactful moments that our alumni experience are the 4-day retreats where you’ll have an opportunity to get away from the normal routines of life and spend concentrated time with God and others. Then add in three of our one-day monthly Seminars where we’ll spend all day diving deep into a Biblical concept as a community. Cap this off with your choice of 6 Elective Courses to be refreshed, refilled and get accelerated growth in your walk with God. The breakdown is as follows:

Saturday Seminars

3 Credits Total
  • 6 Options - Choose 3
    All Day Saturday Once/Month
  • The Kingdom Life
  • Walking in the Prophetic
  • Cultivating Joyful Intimacy
  • More Coming Soon!


2 Credits Total
  • 3 Options - Choose 1
    Retreats Offered Three Times/Year
  • Embracing the Father's Heart
  • Loving God in Community
  • God's Vision and Calling

Elective Courses

12 Credits Total
  • Choose 6 Courses
    Times and Days are TBD
  • Pastor Miles Preaching Class
  • Rule of Life
  • The Book of Romans
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Women in Church Leadership
  • and More.

Monthly Saturday Seminars

If you’re finding it difficult to schedule more one-on-one time with God, come to one of our Saturday Seminars. Take a day off from the stress of your everyday life and commit time solely to your spiritual growth. Breaking up the monotony of life to form community and receive breakthrough you would normally miss will make a significant difference for you. Choose three Seminars from the options below.


Imagine taking a few days off from the stress of your everyday life and spending time sitting at the feet of Jesus. Grow spiritually through worship, activities, teachings and activations in a setting with other like-minded believers. These times usually end up being very impactful for all who choose to go with an expectant and prepared heart. Choose one Retreat from the options below:

Elective Courses

If you’re looking for dynamic supplemental courses to help add to your spiritual growth, then check out our Elective Courses. We have different content designed just for you depending on what your are passionate about and where you feel God leading you. We cover multiple topics like women in leadership, how to preach, pastoral ministry and more! Your RSOM tuition covers six courses; choose from the options below:

"God used the calling coaching program and team at the Rock School of Ministry to completely change the trajectory of my life! I was able to gain great confidence in obtaining vision, clarity and direction in Gods purpose for my life, all the while being coached and challenged to take practical next steps and overcome fear by taking action!"

- Tara, RSOM Alumni

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