Healing & Purpose

Finding Healing & Discovering Purpose

Anyone who has had to experience a marriage gone terribly wrong knows just how debilitating it can be.

That is where my husband and I found ourselves, so deep in trouble that we didn’t know up from down anymore, or which way led to the surface of our tragic relationship. 

All we knew was how in pain we were. 

We couldn’t be in the same space; we couldn’t talk to each other; we couldn’t even fathom an escape route apart from divorce. In response, we both pursued our own means and methods of dealing with the pain—which drove us further apart—from each other and God. 

It left us flailing in the wind.

As a last resort, we went to church together to see if somehow returning to God might offer a few answers to our problem. You see, I had given my life to Jesus seven years before, but had never truly taken him on as Lord of my life. 

I was the lord of my life.

As I walked into the Rock, my heart beat a little faster as the music and singing and praising felt right. Focus on God was not focus on me and my problems, and it made me feel good. 

In fact, the longer I sat there among all the people worshipping, the clearer I felt this message being delivered to my spirit: “Yes, my daughter, you’re now home.” After being prayed over at the altar call, I knew I no longer wanted to have this lukewarm relationship with God.

Suddenly, I had the first part of the answer. It came in the form of an announcement for the LIFE Class: the four-part course that helps people from the Rock to discover their unique, God-given design. It sounded like a step—and that’s what I wanted. I wanted something to push me toward a deeper relationship with God. I signed up.

In the LIFE Class a short, five-minute presentation was given on the Rock School of Ministry (RSOM) by a graduate. I remembered him saying how RSOM changed his entire life and suddenly, God spoke to my spirit: 

“This is for you. You’re going to do more.”

Although, I still wasn’t clear what RSOM was and how exactly it could change one’s life, I knew that it was in my future. When I went to their Vision Night it became clearer, and it was prophesied over me that God was indeed calling me to the course. This was my ALL IN.

Since enrolling, and immersing in the wonderful teaching from the Word of God, I learned who my ABBA is, and I have experienced healing and restoration has taken place from the many traumatic experiences I have endured. 

I have also learned how to give everything over to Him—the exact opposite of how I had led my life to that point. I also learned that to die to self is the key to a life lived for God. 

Aha! It’s also the key to a successful marriage!

Armed with a new identity in Christ and an understanding of the joy of sacrificing my desires for others, I canceled the divorce that was supposed to be finalized on April 26, 2019, and my relationship with my husband is being restored. 

We are now building our marriage on God’s solid foundation.

I can confidently say that I am now equipped with an understanding of my God-given design, and I’m being called to the place where my bell rings and resonates. 

I can’t wait to immerse myself in the ministry of healing and teaching, and feel God work through me to change lives—just like He has changed mine.

Healing. I certainly know something about that.

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